Friday, May 15, 2009

Kota Kinabalu WELCOME eXfuze

Exfuze is in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Now!!!!!!!!
Contact : +06088-268217,
Mobile : 017 8211838 (Clet)
Let us begin here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and spread our network all over the globe. For my team it is not just about Sabah or Malaysia market. We are targeting all the neighbouring Asian Countries, like Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand ......... This is achievable considering that as we are the pioneers in eXfuze Asia Pacific and that the product SEVEN+ has great potential by itself.
Our invitation is not just limited to Malaysian but to all our global friends out there, take a look at this GOLDEN opportunity with an open heart & mind. Why shouldn't we all team up & build a global organization together with exfuze. It will be a win win situation. Joining together across nations will allow us to have business partners in different part of the world. If you a living in Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, America or any part of the world by all means join us. We will be happy to have a Singaporean downline and at the same time you will also have Malaysians as your downline, without you having to be here in Sabah/Malaysia. This is how the system works. Isn't that just wonderful & this applies to all our friends in different parts of the world. If eXfuze is not in your country yet so much the better ..... write to us & let us plan together the eXfuze journey to your country. Wouldn't YOU want to be the person responsible for bringing better HEALTH & WEALTH to the citizen of your countries !!!!!!!!

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