Monday, May 4, 2009

My eXfuze Seven+ girls .......

Crystal & Pearl were so excited to know that the Seven+ juice has arrived. They each grabbed a bottle when I fecth them from school today. Frankly I was a bit worried about the breakable bottle but couldn't resisst to snap a few shots.
They have earlier tested the Seven+ when Sun Fu, Jimmy & Patrick came over to Kota Kinabalu during the initial introduction & press conference last month. After the function I managed to sneaked out & brought home quarter of a bottle & everyone at home got a taste of the Seven+. Well its all about family decision ....... ha..ha..ha.
Well my girls just love Seven+ & for Agnes & me as loving parents, well it is really a comfort knowing that we are giving our girls the BEST!! & now we don't have to plead with them to take their vitamins, Thank you eXfuze for such a wonderful product.

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